Rise Up with Sloan Taylor

Posted on 06 July 2017

We are so thrilled to be formally launching our Rise Up campaign today with Sloan Taylor, who is a dancer, fitness enthusiast, and a self-described colorful, positive, sarcastic, and loving human, who has been dancing with Lady Gaga for 10 incredible years. From consistently setting and exceeding her own goals to truly becoming one of the best in her field, Sloan is the embodiment of what Rising Up means: recognizing the greatness within yourself and going after what you truly want. 

Cove: What was your big dream as a child? What were you going to be when you grew up?

Sloan: My big dreams began happening when I was little I initially wanted to be a veterinarian and help puppies. Then my mom told me all that being a vet entailed and I decided I didn’t have the heart. I then switched dreams to becoming a professional dancer. I wanted to dance in Japan. I have no clue to this day why I was attached to that specific destination. I guess as a young girl that just seemed so impossible that I wanted to make it happen.


What gave you the confidence, courage or faith to make that dream your reality? 

My mom and my sister really fueled my dreams and goals. My sister help me make a whole list that I had to accomplish before graduating high school in order to be taken seriously and to set myself up for success. I checked all the boxes next to those goals and then some. I’ve always been “extra” haha.



What was the first job you EVER had? Could be in high school. What did you learn from it?

My first job I ever had was to work in the childcare department for a gym. I wanted a gym membership but my mom couldn’t afford it so I then got a job there so I could have free access to the gym. I learned that, at that time, I had little patience and needed to work. 


The moment when you realized you were more. Wanted more. Could have more. When you were ready to rise. What was the turn around moment?

I was 14 when my moment to rise up became apparent to me. I was wise beyond my years and knew that if I wanted to become the things I knew I was destined for that I needed to start making strides everyday. 

How long have you been dancing, and how did you come to start dancing for Lady Gaga?

I started dancing when I was 3 and my mom was actually my first dance teacher ever. So I guess dance has always been in my blood. In a weird way I came out of the womb dancing. In regards to Lady Gaga, I first came out to LA in 2009 and auditioned for her for her iconic VMA performance with the wheel chair. There was a room of 400 girls and they were looking for 2-4. In my wildest dreams I didn’t think it was going to be me. I can recall sitting in my first LA apartment and getting the initial phone call that I was on “hold” for the performance. And even at the thought, I cried like a child. It was like a “ oh my gosh….I might actually be good enough” moment. 

What did that moment feel like, knowing that you had succeeded in joining with one of the greatest artists/performers in the world?


We all love Gaga and her messages here at Cove. What's it really like working with Gaga? What's one of the best things you have learned from her?

I have learned the real importance of believing in yourself. Truly. Not like the “ i think it sometimes” kind of belief…..but that honest unstoppable power that we have as humans to acknowledge our strengths and our differences and the impact they can have on the world. 

What is one of the most memorable experiences you've had while on tour?

There's not a specific moment that stands out as the “most memorable”. I would say hearing the crowd before the Haus comes on stage is something that I will never forget. No matter what I am going through, hearing them and knowing they are there for our girl and we get to dance for them….is WILD. 

What was a moment in your life when you had to ignore what the "norm" is from society and do things your own way? Take that leap of faith. How did it change your perspective and life?

I’ll refer this as my “jump” moment. For me, it was my move to LA. I had JUST moved to New Jersey not too long before but then quickly realized that the industry out there was catered to a different market then I was fit for. The place I needed to be was LA and I needed to get there as quickly as possible. Taking that jump showed me who truly supported me and believed in me. 


What inspires you?

My sister is truly the biggest inspiration. She makes everything seem possible. She sets goals and achieves them. Whether that’s in terms of her amazing daughter, her family, her business, or herself…she never misses a mark. She out does herself on the regular and I aspire to do the same in my life. 


You are very into health and fitness, and a total inspiration for us. Can you explain your diet and exercise routines? And any insights you would love to share?   

My diet is just clean eating. I always tell people, it’s a lifestyle. I have trained myself to crave the things that fuel my body. I eat a ton of organic vegetables that i have delivered to my house from all local farms. As far as my exercise routines, i’m all over the place. I am just really obsessed with being active and i’m open to trying anything. I teach pilates so that my be one of my favorites to do but right now I am super into heated spin. I make working out a mandatory part of my day and view it as a job. Because health and fitness are important to see me here as long as possible.

What are you doing right now in your life to Rise Up?

Right now in my life, I am rising up by doing a lot of self work and setting new goals. During rehearsals I am studying for my PMA in pilates. It’s a very slow process but by practicing patience, I know I will get it done in due time. 

Tips/advice for having a happy and fulfilling day? 

I believe that positive thinking is so extremely powerful. Even when life gets hard, I am really quick to remind myself of the blessings that I have. 

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