Just 5 Great Ways to Wear High-Waisted Pants

Posted on 15 August 2017

We will never not wear high-waisted bottoms. We're pretty sure that almost every era except for the early 2000's knew that women's bodies were meant to be defined by the high waist. Which is why the sartorial aspect of the early 2000's were every bit as bad as we remember them being, and also why we're never abandoning the high waist again ... starting now. We've been taking notes for a while, and here are a few of our favorite ways to style them. 
1. Starting with some basic, yet classic high-waisted denim. This is our go-to for every day errands. So easy to style with a good t-shirt and beautiful wedges or leather sandals. 
2. Inspired by the 70's, a pair of high-waisted corduroys go well with a beautifully detailed blouse that can be both tucked or tied.  
3. Shape becomes one of the most important aspects of a monochromatic look. High-waisted is that shape. Basically always.  
4. Cropped, high-waisted, two-piece matching sets. Enough said.
5. And finally, in preparation for fall that will soon be upon us, the high-waisted pant paired with a fully-tucked sweater. This styling works beautifully when paired with a roomier pair of trousers. 

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