5 fresh ways to style your swimsuit on the go this summer

Posted on 27 June 2017

Summer is a time for packing in as much fun in the sun as possible, even if it's just to stock up on memories to keep ourselves warm by during the winter. This means a lot of swimsuits and a lot of going places with those swimsuits under our clothes. Luckily, it's easier now, more than ever, to do so effortlessly and fashionably, with a little intentional styling. Here's five ways to wear your swimsuit like you mean it:

1. With jeans

We are confident that there are very few sartorial problems that a good pair of high-waisted jeans won't solve. This is one of them. A low-backed one piece, styled with a classic pair of jeans, and some leather sandals or espadrilles is the most effortless way to kill the street-style game in swimwear.

2. With a high-waisted skirt

This look can be worn with both a two-piece and a one-piece swimsuit, but always always done with a high-waisted skirt. A high-waisted skirt not only emphasizes those gorgeous feminine lines, but it dresses the look up a bit, and makes the styling look very intentional. 

3. With jeans + kimono, sweater, or blazer

We love layering in all it's forms, and this is an especially good combo if you want to feel a little more covered up for a meeting or a lunch date after taking a dip. 

4. With an oversized button-up

The best part about an oversized button-up is how versatile it is for styling. Wear it open, wear it closed, tie it up, tuck it in, and it's going to look well put together every single time. We love it styled open with shorts for a more casual approach, and closed with some leather sandals or your favorite sneakers to look effortlessly cool while running errands. 

5. With overalls

Overalls may be the most underutilized way to wear your swimsuit intentionally, but they seem to be having a moment, so why not experiment? We love the idea of dressing them up a bit with an off-the-shoulder flouncy swim top, or even with an overall dress for a casually cool vibe. 

What's your favorite way to style your swimsuit? Let us know in the comments!

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