5 books that you need to be reading right now

Posted on 19 July 2017

Just the other day we were watching a TED talk of this super successful guy and how he reads one book a day. ONE BOOK A DAY! The point of the talk was on mentorship and how riding on the wisdom of others will get you where you're going faster and more efficiently, and so reading as many books as you can get your hands on is giving yourself both incredible power, and a hand-up. We fully believe all of this, and try to read the best books when we're first starting our day. So, with all that in mind, here's our top 5 recommendations for books that you should be reading right now to get yourself ahead of the game and rise up in your own life.  

In no particular order (cause they're all killer):

1. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Do not pass up a read through this book. It's a beautiful and motivating wake-up call to those who have ever doubted our own greatness (all of us at one point or another), and an inspiring reminder of our purpose here and how achievable and real happiness really is.  

2. You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

We cannot say enough about this book. We would personally like to be BFFs with the author Jen Sincero who is badass at making you feel badass. This book is about so much more than making money, but brims with truths that hit you on a such a profound, and even spiritual level. Basically, every paragraph is highlighted. Get it now and change your life!  

3. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

We dearly love the author Brene Brown and her life-changing research on the power of vulnerability. This book will change the way you live your daily life and give you the courage you need to be a great leader in a way that you wouldn't expect.

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

A classic and widely recommended book by so many who have been successful in their industry, and for good reason. If you've never read it, you MUST. Don't miss out just because you've already heard it recommended a thousand times. DIVE IN and change your influence.

5. The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Lohler and Tony Schwartz

One of our favorite topics lately is covered in depth in this book: How managing energy, not time, is the key to high performance. Take our word for it, you will never look at your day-to-day routine the same again. 


Happy reading!! Let us know in the comments if you've read any of our picks!

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